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Couple of suggestions and issues

First of all, my compliments on the program! I enjoy using it and particularly like the rendering of markdown. Rendering of LateX, images and tables is so awesome!

There are a couple of things I noticed during use, and I decided to put everything in one discussion, rather than creating several separate ones. I do not know to what extent these are things meant for future iterations, or bugs.


  1. Tab does not work---in Sublimeless Zettelkasten this creates four spaces, which is very convenient for indenting child notes
  2. Inserting internal links has some hiccups
    • It creates links in brackets, but the link is also placed outside the brackets, before the title
      • [[201909030904]] 201909030904 Statistics and data
    • I can search for only one word. Spaces break the search function
      • The same occurs when searching while inserting citations
  3. Citations
    • I have a .bib-file loaded (now in the same directory)
    • When I type [@ to get a popup-list of all citations, I can choose the right one
      • **Dates are in the file as "date = {2015}", but Zettlr states all as "n.d."


  1. Bookmarking notes (like index), which then show up at the top of the note list
  2. Support of subscript and superscript
    • ~subscript~ does not work, <sub>nor like this</sub>
    • ^superscript^ does not work, <sup>nor like this</sup>
  3. Creating a new note by selecting text and pressing shift-enter (cf. Sublimeless ZK)


  • Hello, thanks for your remarks!

    Concerning your bugs:

    1. Yeah, tabs only work when you indent or unindent lists (but then as intended). I'll have a look into the other use-cases!
    2. Concerning the links appearing outside of them: This was an explicit feature request, but I may be able to add a setting to deactivate that behaviour. Concerning search — do you mean the global search? If so, have you had a look at the documentation on the different search operators?
    3. Mh, this seems to relate to the Astrocite-library, which we use for parsing BibTex. (Only CSL is natively supported, BibTex-files are being parsed by Astrocite to CSL) I am not well-trained in the BibTex-format, so I have no clue where the problem seems to be …

    Concerning your requests:

    1. The bookmarking is already in some issue over at GitHub, but currently blocked by some other issue, I've forgotten which one …
    2. Both are actually supported by Pandoc, the only thing is they won't be highlighted currently, but it's on my list.
    3. Sounds like a reasonable thing, would you mind opening an issue over at GitHub so that nobody forgets this?
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