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Couple of suggestions and issues

First of all, my compliments on the program! I enjoy using it and particularly like the rendering of markdown. Rendering of LateX, images and tables is so awesome!

There are a couple of things I noticed during use, and I decided to put everything in one discussion, rather than creating several separate ones. I do not know to what extent these are things meant for future iterations, or bugs.


  1. Tab does not work---in Sublimeless Zettelkasten this creates four spaces, which is very convenient for indenting child notes
  2. Inserting internal links has some hiccups
    • It creates links in brackets, but the link is also placed outside the brackets, before the title
      • [[201909030904]] 201909030904 Statistics and data
    • I can search for only one word. Spaces break the search function
      • The same occurs when searching while inserting citations
  3. Citations
    • I have a .bib-file loaded (now in the same directory)
    • When I type [@ to get a popup-list of all citations, I can choose the right one
      • **Dates are in the file as "date = {2015}", but Zettlr states all as "n.d."


  1. Bookmarking notes (like index), which then show up at the top of the note list
  2. Support of subscript and superscript
    • ~subscript~ does not work, <sub>nor like this</sub>
    • ^superscript^ does not work, <sup>nor like this</sup>
  3. Creating a new note by selecting text and pressing shift-enter (cf. Sublimeless ZK)


  • Hello, thanks for your remarks!

    Concerning your bugs:

    1. Yeah, tabs only work when you indent or unindent lists (but then as intended). I'll have a look into the other use-cases!
    2. Concerning the links appearing outside of them: This was an explicit feature request, but I may be able to add a setting to deactivate that behaviour. Concerning search — do you mean the global search? If so, have you had a look at the documentation on the different search operators?
    3. Mh, this seems to relate to the Astrocite-library, which we use for parsing BibTex. (Only CSL is natively supported, BibTex-files are being parsed by Astrocite to CSL) I am not well-trained in the BibTex-format, so I have no clue where the problem seems to be …

    Concerning your requests:

    1. The bookmarking is already in some issue over at GitHub, but currently blocked by some other issue, I've forgotten which one …
    2. Both are actually supported by Pandoc, the only thing is they won't be highlighted currently, but it's on my list.
    3. Sounds like a reasonable thing, would you mind opening an issue over at GitHub so that nobody forgets this?
  • Hi Hendrik, sorry for replying so late.

    I made a GitHub issue over request 3. Concerning bug 2, the documentation does not seem to cover this. But I see I was kinda vague.

    What I mean is that if I insert an internal link and type "[[", a box appears with all notes. I can narrow down the options by typing in a word, but as soon as I hit spacebar the whole list disappears. So if I have 100 notes with the word "cheese", and 100 with the word "tomato" and look for the one note with both, my only option is to type either word and select the note from the list of 100. Because typing "[[cheese tomato" lets the box disappear. There are no operators that work.

  • This is correct; it's a limitation of the boxes. I use a built-in plugin which makes it easy to maintain but yes, a space is kind of a bummer for that approach.

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