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Searching for orphan notes---a NOT search function?

I checked the documentation, and could not find this feature. As of yet, I am very careful to create links to all my notes, because otherwise they get lost. But sometimes I am clear of the note I want to write but not the links, so I have to park it in an external notebook.

It would be great if there would be a feature to show all notes that have no links. Since all links start with [[, it might not be too difficult to include a NOT function to show these. Would this be useful to anyone else?


  • This is indeed a good point, as the current search engine only accepts AND, OR and EXACT operators. A NOT operator was not included in the original implementation, and I've caught myself several times wondering why I've left this one out :D

  • Cool! Would it help you if I make a GitHub issue out of this?

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