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README: Welcome to the Zettlr Discussion Forums!


I'm glad you're here. This is a place for discussions around the Zettlr Markdown editor. Here you can ask questions related to how things work and discuss potential new feature ideas before they make their way to the GitHub issue tracker.

Additionally, you can share your Custom CSS themes for others to use, discuss best practices and exchange tricks on how to use the app.

This forum should be the vantage point of your experience with the app, as other users can more easily help you than the dev team can. So please engage in friendly discussions and help each other!

Some additional resources you might find useful:

  • The official documentation is rich and extensive.
  • The GitHub issue tracker also contains some closed issues in which some problems or bugs are mentioned. So also have a look there.
  • The Subreddit also sometimes contains useful things.
  • Do you want to stay up to date? Then follow us on Twitter, as we will announce new features as we code them into the app!
  • Even if you don't want to read the full documentation, reading the FAQ is mandatory!


We believe that every user in the forum is an adult who knows how to talk to other people. Nevertheless, it's the internet, so just to make sure, here are some rules:

  • Your post must be related to Zettlr in one way or another. Please keep off-topic discussions to Twitter or Reddit. Of course, "related to Zettlr" also encompasses general discussions about how to take notes in the first place; Zettelkasten-related discussions and so forth.
  • Your post must be suitable for children (13+). Anything else will be deleted.
  • Hatespeech such as racism, antisemitism, or mansplaining will not be tolerated -- this also includes politically motivated hatespeech such as nationalism, fascism, or libertarianism.
  • Be polite. If you're having a bad day, that's completely fine, but don't let other people take part in that ;)
  • And most important: Help yourselves. Zettlr is an Open Source project, so a lot of blood, sweat and tears already flow into maintaining the app itself. We cannot guarantee that we'll be able to comment on anything that's being written on the forum.

All set? Perfect, then have fun in these forums!

All the best,



  • Hi Hendrik,

    So I finally found my way to your forum after leaving a message on Facebbok, but realised it does not get much traction. Zettlr looks interesting, but I am not sure it's for me just yet. It seems to be geared for academic writers. I have a few questions, so hopefully they are answerd in here. Enjoyed the manifesto btw.

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