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Release 1.5.0 Beta, testing

I have found some weird behavior with the new beta version :
When I scroll down on the Sidebar (thin mode), the files on my virtual directory start to disappear from the display and reappear further down :
It starts on the red arrow.

If i scroll down, it'll look like this :

It's very annoying : I have toto scroll 9 times through the virtual directory before I can get to the next virtual directory. I think there is a correlation between the amount of notes in the virtual directory (8) and the amount of times I scroll through to get to the other notes (9).

It might be related to the fact that in the tree view, my virtual directories seem to have multiplied for no particular reason:

I just installed the beta version.
OS : Windows 10 home edition.



  • Ouhh, good that you spotted that. I think I know what's happening: The fact that you have to scroll multiple times really indicates that apparently the list that contains all the files contains the virtual files multiple times, causing the strange behaviour in both the file tree and the file list. Thanks for noticing, I'll have a look!

    Did this behaviour start with 1.5 beta or before?

  • For me, it started with the 1.5 beta.

  • Okay, that is weird, because neither did I change anything with the file loading nor with the sidebar :S But thanks for the info, I'll have a look at it!

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