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Custom zoom level


I am happy with the themes, but the UI is too "comfortable" (I don't wear glasses). How can I adjust the zoom level? Pressing Ctrl + - works, but I should do it everytime I fire up Zettlr.



  • There's been an issue somewhere to save that setting during reboots. I'm not sure when I get to it, but it's on my radar!

  • Hello,

    I have a bépo keyboard, and the keyboard shortcuts for zooming in and out did not work. Or rather, they are not in the same place ... By passing the keyboard in azerty, only the shortcut zoom out (Ctrl + -) did not work. In fact, shortcuts work depending on the location of the keys on a qwerty keyboard.

    OS Windows 10; Zettlr 1.5.0.

  • This is a known issue of Electron, and apparently they cannot force the underlying Chromium binary to accept custom keyboards. On Windows, for instance, Ctrl+? for opening the right sidebar also does not work, and unfortunately there is nothing I see that I could do at the moment …

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