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Citation Database


I've tried to add my zotero library to Zettlr. I followed all the steps written in the documentation. Everything goes well until step 3 : https://docs.zettlr.com/en/academic/citations/

When I write @, the autocomplete feature doesn't appear. If I write the quotation the same way is written in the documentation's example, it doesn't turn into another color. If I try with the citation key as shown in Zotero's information pannel header, nothing happens either. When I open the attachment sidebar, I see the "could not update bibliography".

This is the location and name of my exported betterJSON library.
This is what I see in the GUI :

My Zettlr directory is "C:\Users\ximem\Documents\Trabajos\Doctorat\DataBaseBook\BrouillonThese"
I'm running the 1.5.0 Zettlr version, on Windows 10 Home.

My zotero version is 5.0.80

Thanks for the help.



  • The message "Could not update bibliography!" looks as if Zettlr has encountered an error while loading the database. When you start Zettlr, does it give you a notification for an error in the database? It should look exactly like the "You got the newest version of Zettlr"-message that appears everytime you start the app, in the up-right corner! The message should tell you where the engine stumbled.

    If there is no message, it might be in the logs. The logs are located in the data directory C:\Users\<your-user-name>\AppData\Roaming\Zettlr -> "Logs". Look out for everything labeled as an Error or a Warning!

  • I tried again changing the library file :
    1. I opened settings
    2. I changed the location of the JSON file
    3. I got this message : Changes to the library file detected… Reloading.

    1. If i go to log of today I found this
      Changes to the library file detected… Reloading.
    2. I waited for an error message for 5 mins, but nothing happened.
    3. I opened zotero (to check if there's anything appearing) but nothing
    4. I opened the attachment panel : "There are no citations in this document"
    5. I tried typing @B to get the autofill feature and nothing
    6. I opened the attachment panel again, it shows me "Could not update bibliography!"
    7. I opened the log file of today
      [12:34:03] [Error] undefined
      [12:34:03] [Error] Cannot read property 'replace' of undefined
      [12:37:15] [Error] undefined
      [12:37:15] [Error] Cannot read property 'replace' of undefined

    8. I restart Zettlr. No error message about the library, this are the new lines from the log file :
      [12:56:45] [Info] こうんいちわ! Booting Zettlr at Sun Jan 05 2020 12:56:45 GMT+0100 (Central European Standard Time).
      [12:56:45] [Info] Electron reports ready state. Instantiating main process...
      [12:56:45] [Warning] The translation string was malformed: Open Logs!
      [12:56:46] [Error] undefined
      [12:56:46] [Error] Cannot read property 'replace' of undefined
      [12:56:46] [Warning] The translation string was malformed: Open Logs

    Hope this explains something to you so I manage to fix it.

  • The "replace" keyword seems to point to something: On line 259 in the Citeproc-Provider, there are some brackets that are being replaced, with -- apparently -- a malformed citekey. This should not happen, because malformed keys get filtered prior to loading the ID-hints, so something is afoul there. I'll have a look later on!

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