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Export multiple notes

Hi Hendrik.
Thanks for your great work on this very ambitious app.
I am trying to export multiple notes or a tree to a single rtf file. Zettlr exports a single md to rtf nicely.
The pandoc manual says
"If multiple input files are given, pandoc will concatenate them all (with blank lines between them) before parsing. (Use--file-scope to parse files individually.)"
However, I cannot figure out if there is even a way to select multiple notes/nodes in Zettlr. Highlighting the root node does not help since the export function only seems to apply to the individual notes themselves.
Of course, the multiple export would be possible on the command line, but it would be nice if it was also available within Zettlr.
Any guidance much appreciated.
Zettlr 1.5.0 on Linux Mint.



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    exporting multiple notes is currently possible using the Project Feature of Zettlr. But it'll output to PDF, Word, LibreOffice/OpenOffice, and HTML only at the moment. However, the idea of concatenating multiple notes might be a good enhancement when I finally enable multiple selections after the file abstraction layer is implemented! I'll open an issue to remind me of that!


    Here you go: https://github.com/Zettlr/Zettlr/issues/462

    Oh, and btw, the Project Feature wasn't linked: https://docs.zettlr.com/en/academic/projects/

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