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How to import from Evernote?

Hi all,
I just discovered Zettlr while looking for a software to implement a Zettelkasten. First of all: this is amazing work, thank you so much Hendrik!

I am considering now to switch from Evernote to Zettlr, but I am not sure how to migrate my ~1000 ever-notes to Zettlr. I have been looking for a documentation on import functions, but couldn't find anything on the Zettlr website. I noticed in the app there is a function for "import", but it does not list Evernote's file format (.enex). Any ideas?

Thanks a lot!


  • I know that @ploum once performed the migration, he might be able to help you. I never used evernote, so I don't know anything about migrating. However, as there are a number of people trying to make that same move, it might be a good idea to add a specific importer for that.

  • In case we really do it, here's the documentation of Evernote's enex file format: https://evernote.com/blog/how-evernotes-xml-export-format-works/

    Seems to be more or less straight forward to implement such an importer.

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