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Markdown Preview

I have been using Zettlr for a few days now and the experience has been awesome.
I, however, would like to suggest a feature that I think would be very essential, and that's a Markdown Preview window. Rather than having the markdown tags and the preview in one window, we could have a window for each one, or at least have the Quick Lookup option show a Markdown preview that has not Markdown tags.

I seem to have issues with previewing tables in Markdown with the current way that Zettlr is setup, the tables seem to easily break apart. A separate window for Markdown tags and MArkdown preview in my opinion will fix this.

I just attached a picture for better clarity.


  • Nope, Zettlr is explicitly thought as a single-space WYSIWYM-editor. We have deliberately abandoned the idea of split-windows, as these (a) waste screen estate and (b) can prove to be extremely distracting.

    If you are searching for a preview-window, please use the Print preview. It is meant as a preview window of your texts, in case you need a fully-rendered version of it.

  • Thank you Hendrik. Great approach for Zettlr.
    If the team could implement a markdown tag-free preview for the Print preview, it would be nice.
    Say, instead of having a Print preview showing markdown tags, we would rather have a markdown free preview, simply showing the output for the Markdown tags.

  • So what you're asking for is a removal of the tags during Export, do I assume correctly? If so, it might help to set the corresponding setting in the preferences. If it doesn't, please get back to me!

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    Amazing. :)
    The Remove tags from Files is the feature that I was referring to.

    Just like in the attachment below, even though Zettlr's approach is not to have split-windows, I would suggest that the QuickLook feature gets a Remove tags from files function so that you can preview your markdown without tags.

    Maybe the reason why I find this feature interesting is that I intend to import all my code snippets and code cheat sheets which are in markdown to Zettlr. The ability to preview those cheat sheets without markdown tags will greatly aid productivity.

    Here's the attachment that explains this better. In the attachment, the first window is the exact implementation of Zettlr's window, but the second one has no tags which is what I am talking about. If the second window implementation can be done for the QuickLook feature of Zettlr, then it will be very amazing. But right now the QuickLook feature has all the markdown tags still in it.

  • Ah. You can hide the hashtag symbols in the headers in the Display-Preferences. Concerning QuickLook-windows, see this issue.

  • Okay. Thank you.

  • Follow-Up question here: I'm not very happy with the MD-Preview on Zettlr. Is it just a CSS-thing? I write a lot with Typora at the moment and it's easier to read. For example, look at the quotes:

    And why is "Ich" in the footnote also green? :D

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