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Zettlr review, feelings and desires

Hi everyone!

First things first: I am from Spain, my real name is Jose and I am a HSE supervisor and a writer in my free time. I have written about two novels and a bunch of short tales, so my main purpose for this software is writing fiction.

Among many others editors and creative writing sw I've used, I would mention Scrivener, yWriter, Quoll, Novelist, Bibisco; of course, but lately I prefer to write the first draft in a Markdown editor, such as Typora or Writemonkey.

I discovered Zettlr recently, and I would like to share my feelings about it:

Things I love:

  • general design and structure;
  • file tree in the sidebar;
  • Autocorrect feature; to me, it is a must

Things I would like to improve:

  • text editor appearance; I would specially like to possibility to indent the first line of each paragraph;
  • merge/divide files feature;
  • export of several files, in the order of my choosing;
  • sorting at will of files inside virtual directories;
  • automate paragraph breaks; I mean, if I hit enter, I would like a proper paragraph break, like in normal editors. (I know this is due to Markdown syntax, but it is a hassle.

Well, this is it. Thank you for your time and efforts!


  • i am still struggling between Scrivener, Ulysses and various markdown editors (VS code and iA) + pandoc..
    i agree that Zettlr coudl be a killer app if we could sort manually the entries, maybe configure the text by YAML metadata (like draft/publish) with styles/templates for the pandoc compiler of a project

    i use a lot also the outline list to navigate docs ..but the current "#" menu isn't the best solution... and independet tree (like VSCode does very well for markdown texts) could be nicer

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