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1.3.0-beta release

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I start this thread in order to have a place to discuss the beta release and that Hendrik receives feedback about it.

Before I begin with my impressions I must mention that I used only the Linux version on an Ubuntu based Linux distribution.

I also tested the alpha release and concerning speed I see no difference between them (although beta seems to be starting slower, could be only an impression).

Now, the issues (not all problems, some of them personal preferences) and some only impressions:

+ having a section for choosing themes with a small preview is nice, although please do not remove the Custom CSS option

+ the popup for search or formatting does not look so nice (maybe only on Linux): the rat gray is not appealing at all, the original (still present in alpha version), although was terrible in some situations because of transparency, looked nicer, more modern in a way. Maybe having a white background with some shading around borders will work better

+ in the Tag Cloud still the redundant display of tag numbers when you hover over their name

+ About Zettlr popup has the strange tag dialog.about.contributors, I think it should be only Contributors (as I side note, not all the contributions are mentioned...)

For the moment is all that I discovered.

As a side note (if it is necessary I'll opened an Issue) in the sidebar I would like that if I have a folder selected (with subfolders) in Directories section in the file sidebar it will be nice that the subfolders display their files only when selected, otherwise it is difficult to navigate if you have a lot of files in them.

Later edit: I thought that Markdown is supported in posting here :)


  • Oh, this is a good idea, I totally forgot to post the release here 🙈 The forum is still somewhat invisible on my mental map, so thank you very much for this!

    Concerning Markdown support: Yeah, it would be great, but I guess we can't always have the best there is! At least the forum works and is stable :)

    Now, to your points:

    Of course I will not remove the Custom CSS. It's implemented, and if somebody needs it, of course, s/he should go for it! Besides, it's so incredibly helpful in developing the themes!

    The popups were a way to bring Zettlr closer to more simple UX-Designs such as the one of Notable; I can clearly see your point, BUT as you are already a proficient user of the Custom CSS feature I may have a suggestion for you: Concerning both the themes and the popup styles: If you'd like to experiment a little bit with modifying the styles of them to see what looks better, and post suggestions w/ Screenshots here, then we could make a collaborative effort out of perfecting the styles until the release of 1.3! For instance, I'm unsure whether or not to use monospace font for the full app in Bielefeld theme, or just for the editor (I more and more get the impression that the latter way would be more appropriate). Additionally, I'll need to find a better orange, b/c the current one is so over the top 😕

    Ah the tag cloud, yes. I'll remove the hover tip, and additionally see to implementing a quick search functionality until 1.3 a.k.a click on a tag to search in the current directory!

    In what language do you experience the non-translated string? o.O Maybe I overlooked something in translating :S

    And what contributions do you think I forgot? I mean, yes, currently only the translators are mentioned, that is right ...

    To your last point: That is the whole point of having the preview list :D It is meant to serve both as a filter for files and as a general search bar, so if your directories are cluttered with too many files, maybe try splitting them up meaningfully in multiple subdirectories! :)

    So far from me, thank you again for your valuable input, and hopefully we can make the UX look better!


  • I say it again and I will always say it: you are doing a great job! And I appreciate a lot that you take the time to answer to all the issues and most of all to take them into account.

    Concerning the popups, I attached a screenshot as how I (temporarily) modified them in my set-up.

    And I also attached a screenshot for the About window (there I think should be only Contributors and not dialog.about....) As we are still here (and you may think I'm a little vain) but you may mention all the translators.

    Now about the themes and this is my opinion: I think it will be better that a theme could change the color of the app and of the editor, the fonts of the editor, but not the fonts of the app (I think a nice sans-serif font for the app will do the trick).

    You are right that the orange is not so appealing, I'll try to search a nice combination next week.

  • Hmmm … the search popup looks a little bit … too simple now? :D I dunno, I mean the box shadow definitely has some appeal, but to remove ~all~ lines …? Hmm.

    Concerning the about dialog: I don't know how, but I simply forgot it in the en-US translation 😪

    What do you mean when you say "but you may mention all the translators"? I mean, the app simply lists all translators. Maybe what you mean: The translation service only includes those names whose translations make it into the final file.

  • You may be right about the simplicity, but it is how I like it. ;-) I was just a suggestion and the shadow I think it is more important.

    About the "all translators" in my version you can see only the contributors for German, English and French.

    You asked on twitter about some fonts: I think that Lato looks nicer and maybe you should take into account what support these fonts have for other languages also.

  • About the "all translators" in my version you can see only the contributors for German, English and French.

    This should not happen o.O

    I just tried downloading all translations and my About->Contributors tab looks like this:

    So it looks as if the software is correctly extracting the author metadata, right?

    Concerning the fonts: Yes, Lato has a broad support of different characters. Maybe I'm just fed up with the font after two years of constantly having seen this font and want something new 😂 But that's what the Custom CSS is all about, I guess!

  • It seems to be an error on my part when fetching the metadata. I'll try on different location also.

    About Lato: I know it could get frustrating to see it all the time, but I think it has a lot of appeal to many people. My personal favorite, for writing, is Avenir, but it is not free so... But fonts are also very important --- remember the struggle Steve Jobs took to have the "perfect" fonts for MacOS --- and take into account that many user will not be able (want?) to use the CSS feature.

    I will not start another thread or an issue on GitHub, but I wanted to ask you if you experience slowness on working offline? I sometime have my network connection down, and if I work with a file that has a lot of links (sometimes I convert html into md) Zettlr is terrible slow. I hardly manage to select or edit text... If the number of links in the text decreases, the usability returns to normal. It will be possible to have an offline mode? Could this improve the speed?

    By the way, the beta is nice, waiting for the new one...

    Thank you!

  • I sometime have my network connection down, and if I work with a file that has a lot of links (sometimes I convert html into md) Zettlr is terrible slow. I hardly manage to select or edit text... If the number of links in the text decreases, the usability returns to normal.

    This is a bottleneck that has been introduced in one of the betas. I wanted to make sure no links are rendered within comments, but the necessary checks (cm.doc.getTokenAt) take a lot of time, so with increasing links, the previewing of links gets slower and slower. I'm currently trying to find ways to speed it up! So it doesn't have anything to do with the app being online or offline! :)

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