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Mouse pointer in dark mode


I have been using Zettlr for several months, and I think it is a very efficient and elegant tool!

I enjoy the dark theme, but the mouse pointer does not really stand out from the background (I am on Mac):

I waste quite a lot of time loosing it and finding it again, so would it be possible to change its color for white ?

Thank you very much !


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    The mouse pointer is out of the realm of the app, because the font that it uses is determined by the operating system. But you can wiggle the cursor around to make it bigger, then you'll find it again!

    Alternatively you could brighten up the background a little bit with Custom CSS!

  • Thanks for your quick answer.

    For those who would have the same issue, I found a way to customise the mouse cursor on Mac using Mousecape (https://github.com/alexzielenski/Mousecape) and modifying the cursor on Photoshop. Now it really stands out from the background:

    There is only one drawback: I have to run Mousecape each time I restart my computer.

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