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change the syntax of links [[


I wanted to change the syntax of the links (Preferences => Zellelkasten => Link start and Link ending).

For example: [(ID)] or [{ID}] do not open the respective note; Zettlr exports “(ID)” (the identifier with the parentheses) to the search bar. If Link start is “[(” and Link ending is “)]”, Zettlr should export “ID”. ?

It is the same for all signs that are not a “[”. Including double signs, for example {{ID}}; Zettlr exports “{{ID}}” to the search bar.

Also, typing "{{" does not open the list of addable links. However, typing "[[" continues to open it when it should be inoperative.

Windows 10, Zettlr 1.6.0-beta (the problem also existed on 1.5.0.)__


  • Thanks for bringing this up; apparently the system is prone to [[ and ]], so I'll have a look! Please open up an issue over at GitHub and add as much information as possible so that we can tackle this!

  • I opened an issue at Github. Thank you.

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