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How to quickly search for and open file (with keyboard only)

I am looking for a way to quickly search for and open a file. Using the mouse is slow, so I would like it to be keyboard only.

The ideal would be something like IntelliJ’s search everywhere feature. It works like this:

  1. Press Shift twice.
  2. Type one or more letters in the filename. The best match is highlighted automatically If multiple hits, keep typing or use the arrow keys to select the right file.
  3. Press Enter.

It looks like this:

I have tried the following in Zettlr:

  1. Press Command + Shift + F.
  2. Type one or more letters in the filename.
  3. Press Enter.
  4. Press Command + Shift + T.
  5. Navigate the file tree with arrow keys.

However, this way is slow due to a lot of keypresses, and I find that navigating the file tree with the keyboard doesn’t work as I expect. (Files are opened on navigation, and I don’t know how to exit the file tree to get to the file.)



  • The next version will bring an improvement over the current implementation of the Quick Filter in the file list (not available in combined file manager mode) allowing you to select the filter with Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+T, type something, and use the Arrow Down- and Arrow Up-key to select a file to open with Enter.

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