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Image links work but don't - confused

Hi - first post to this forum. I'm trying Zettlr and I'm also a 'The Archive' user, slowly migrating from DayOne which I have used for my art practice journal for several years. I have my journal entries converted to markdown, with the images in a separate folder within the journal folder and my individual journal entries contain links to images (which is working in The Archive). I've set the default folder for images in Zettlr preferences. I have a lot of links to images in my journal entries but none of them are working in Zettlr even though they are correctly formatted.

What I don't understand is this - when I open an entry originally created in The Archive which contains an image, the image isn't represented as a link, however if I drag the same image into the entry within Zettlr the link works fine. On the surface the text for the two entries is identical, but one links and the other doesn't (see screenshot). If I have to re-link all images manually then Zettlr is a no go for me I'm afraid - it would represent too many hours of work.

I'd appreciate your thoughts. Thanks!


  • Follow up - I discovered that the big difference is the space between the closing square bracket and the opening curved bracket. Remove that and the link works (both work in The Archive). So now I have to find a way of removing all the extra wee spaces in the links. This doesn't seem as daunting as re-linking all the files. Any suggestions as to how this might be automated?
    Thanks again, Rhod

  • Any suggestions as to how this might be automated?

    You could use the command line to automatically fix this in every file at once; you'd need some form of regular expression, and it would be a little bit cumbersome (~1-3 hours of preparatory work, I think, depending on how good the Google results are).

    Within Zettlr, you could open each file and perform a regular expression replacement, e.g. in the search field, enter /[^\s]\]\s\([^\s]/, and in the replacement field enter ](, but please test out that the search does find those ] (-parts that are wrong first to prevent accidental replacements.

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