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Notes disappeared after update

I have Ubuntu 18.4 and after the most recent update to version 1.8.7 all my notes and configuration have disappeared. How can I solve the problem?


  • First close Zettlr. Then you need to remove the ~/.config/Zettlr directory (with a capital Z), rename the ~/.config/zettlr directory (with a lowercase z) to ~/.config/Zettlr with an uppercase Z. Then start Zettlr 1.8.7 and it'll work again.

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    @hendrik I've experienced a similar thing. I recently updated to 1.8.7 from 1.6.0. My .md files are not in the directories when I click on them, but they appear in the sidebar as an attachment. Should I follow the same steps? I'm on an M1.

    Any help is appreciated.

  • Fixed. I had a misplaced file extension in the sidebar options.

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