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Little Bug I've found: Custom CSS and two additional questions

edited September 2019 in Customisation


I'm not so sure if this is the right place for reporting bugs, anyways: I'll do it for now.

Version 1.41
tested on Windows 10 and Arch Linux

In both cases you can't change the Font-Family for all Templates via custom CSS as described here

#editor {
    font-family: "Font Name", serif (or whatever);

this will only affect in "Berlin" and the new Template "Karl-Marx-Stadt", but not the other two, here you still have the font-family as given.

Additional questions / remarks:

  • setting the line-heigt for editor in CSS is also not possible (for all Templates)?
  • Probably a (little) feature request, the size of the editor window (width) is not saved when I change it (when the sidebar is enabled), after a restart it is at the same width as it was before...


  • You'll need to namespace it further with body, so this will work:

    body #editor {
        /* Your Rules Here */

    This should also remedy the line-height setting. In any case, it might help to search the LESS files for the corresponding lines. Then you'll have an idea of where the line-height is set (but afaik this should be in the #editor .CodeMirror, potentially with body namespacing).

    Concerning the window size: It should be saved, so indeed it seems like an error. Please feel free to open a bug report.

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