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Updating Zettlr documentation - screenshots images theme?


I am looking to update the Zettlr documentation. I would like to add a screenshot.

My Zettlr looks like this:

Settings Advanced

How do I make my Zettlr look like the documentation screenshots? Like below:

Settings Advanced

Many thanks,


  • You have the 2.0-dev branch installed, right? If so, that's expected, since the bottom screenshot shows 1.8.8. Plus, in 2.0 each platform will look differently, you are on Windows 10, but on macOS the settings dialog looks like this:

  • @hendrik Yes, I have the 2.0-dev branch installed.

    I wish to update the Zettlr documentation for issue #175 via a pull request. Is it ok if I submit screenshots running the 2.0-dev branch?

  • If it's okay for your PR to be open quite a bit? I mean, as soon as anything is merged into the docs-repository, the CI pipeline will automatically rebuild the docs and publish them; I wanted to collect all the docs updates for 2.0 during the beta phase and then do one collective update. Maybe we could add a second branch to prepare the 2.0 documentation before actually launching it. Would you mind opening an issue so I don't forget it, since I cannot tend to this during May?

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