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New and somewhat lost

I learned of Zettelkasten a year ago and keep wandering off but coming back. There is something here I need to use profitably. So finding Zettlr a few days ago was super. I really like the design and UI. However...

While I'm sure these answers must be in the very complete documentation here, I need to know:

  1. How to preview a file in Markdown
  2. How to make a bracketed link to another document CLICKABLE as in NValt.

While I need quite a few more pieces of information, I think I will pick them up with regular use of Zettlr.

I am happy to have found this forum and hope it is becoming increasingly active as the program matures.

  • Fred1st


  • First, welcome to the community!

    Then to your questions: Previewing a Markdown document works by holding the Alt-key while clicking it on the file list. Then, the file will open in Preview mode in a new window. To follow a clickable link, the same applies: Hold down the Alt-key while clicking the link!

    For more information, please refer to the concepts here: https://docs.zettlr.com/en/reference/shortcuts/

  • I knew it was something simple and easily executed. However, I had scanned the shortcut menu before asking, and now after, I still can't find that info. Doing a page FIND for "preview" only shows me how to navigate to other docs for preview. If they are indeed in the list, as a new arrival, I'd be happy to find these very most basic keystrokes mentioned in the "quick startup." It's entirely possible I'm looking right over this in multiple places. Thanks so much for getting me over this small hump at the very bottom of the learning curve.

  • Is there a keystroke to move the cursor immediately into the newly created note? I am trying to cobble a keyboard maestro action to create a new zettlr note from anywhere and start typing instantly before the world-changing idea is lost forever!

  • Is there a keystroke to move the cursor immediately into the newly created note?

    Not right now, but this annoys me currently as I have to create multiple notes and always have to manually click the note content. This belongs to the shortcuts-issue that is still open on GitHub — I'll get there as soon as I figure out a way to make shortcut management manageable!

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