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File is removed; is changed remotely. WhatTHEwhat?

So I decided to invest more in using Zettlr, and finding it perhaps most like NValt, I opened the NValt directory in Zettlr (just a couple of dozen documents there).

I first attempted to import a folder, and it seemed to be working. I never found where the imported directory was stored for access so I copied files from my NValt folder.

After making some simple changes to the first opened note, the file in focus disappeared and was replaced by a blank document in Zettlr, with the notifications that the document had been removed; then that it had been changed remotely. (it lives in Dropbox.)

Is this a dropbox issue, or zettlr or some other? Are there changes I need to make in Preferences?

I can't continue to explore Zettlr if this is going to be a persistent problem. (I did continue to test and this did continue to happen over and over.) The files are only removed from active editing, and persist in the files list, thankfully! I REALLY freaked the first time it was "removed." Thanks for help.



  • Hey, yeah, I discovered that sometimes the file watcher Zettlr uses to keep track of external changes chokes, and sometimes it keeps track of files that were moved, resulting in hundreds of useless notifications. I'll have to rewrite the file system abstraction layer for this to become a manageable problem, but for your safety: Zettlr will never overwrite anything without asking for permission, and even deleting files doesn't delete them, it merely moves them to the trash where you can recover them just in case!

  • P.S.: Sometimes cloud services lock files and/or remove them for a short amount of time depending on their algorithm, so yes, might be Dropbox-related…

  • I have no problems like this with the few files I've created to a hard drive folder. In future, if I pour my snippets into Zettlr, I'll use a local folder until this gremlin gets squashed. I had been thinking that when NVultra comes along, I'd definitely go that way. Now, not so sure--the moreso as I get familiar with Zettlr. BTW I much appreciated your "permissive" youtube explanation of Zettelkasten that allows as how a much less rigid pattern of use is both possible and effective vs Luhmann orthodoxy. I'm considering some kind of template for logging similar details if needed--via a TextExpander boilerplate maybe.

  • If you could take notes of what exactly is happening when Zettlr chokes, this would help pinpoint the issue! After all, the aim is to have an app that does not have issues with basic stuff such as cloud sync!

    Concerning templates ... you mean those that you could then paste into the editor? If so, there's an issue open (actually, the oldest one from February I guess) -- it's next on the agenda!

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