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Linux-HTML-Export Issue

Linux, Ubuntu 18.04, Zettlr 1.4.3, pandoc 2.7.3

Exporting a file to HTML results in an error, because a file (template?) seems to be missing.
My mistake?



  • I forgot to say: pandoc works fine (tested), Export worked in former versions of zettlr

  • One moment … let me try this … mh, it works for me. Oh, did you modify your Pandoc command? There's something after the command that seems odd.

    And it seems the ampersand is causing some issues, but I'm not sure.

    But it's nice to see that you're taking notes for D'n'D! Haven't played that in a long time! ;)

  • Problem solved, Thanks!
    ** face-palm ** I forgot to to rename the directory when I moved to zettlr; I only changed names of files.
    It was the ampersand in the directory name.

    Yes, I did change the pandoc command, but I can't remeber what I did. I think it had to do with latex config.

    D'n'D: yes, since 1979 :-) when we had an American exchange pupil who brought Gary Gygax first edition of D'n'D as a gift for us. Now we use Version 4 and we use Zettlr for documentation. You know the rule: "10. Write that down. You won't remember it later. But the DM will." :D


    Still a nice game, although we nowadays meet only every month (in former times we had up to 4 sessions a week)

    Thanks for helping and providing us with Zettlr!

  • Awesome! Glad I could help, and have fun with that Adventure! :)

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