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Simultaneous note editing / split screen

edited November 2019 in Features

I would like to know if there is any way to have more than one note open at the same time in split screen mode.

In Zettlr, I don't see how to open them windows simoultaneosly. I searched in the documentation and in the forum and I can't find any mention about this. Export one and editing the other would totally slow down my workflow.

My workflow :

I'm writing my thesis.
I like having my reading notes in one window, and my chapter draft in another. Even sometimes I like to have more than one chapter open so I can distribute the book quotes in different parts.
I used to write on Typora (a similar md editor but less powerful). There, I'd open simultaneous windows. I'd to edit them almost at the same time with the split screen windows function. It allowed me to go back and forth between the different notes.

I guess I could workaround it opening one of the notes in another software, but i'd like to see if there is a way of doing it within the software.

OS : windows 10 Home


  • There's a feature called QuickLook! Currently (recently discovered that, heh, sorry) the combined mode only shows QuickLooks by right-clicking, but from the next version on or in thin/expanded mode, you can also hold down the Alt-key while clicking the note. (Right-clicking always works)

    A tab-feature will come sometime in the future, there's already an issue open. And split-screen … well, give that even more time (as it requires two Editor-instances at the same time, which right now will for sure break everything in the GUI)

  • This answer was helpful.
    Indeed the quick look tool works to read one and edit the other on split screen mode. Hope to see the two editor-instances at some point then. Thank you.

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