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YAML Frontmatter and Pandoc template

edited November 2019 in Zettelkasten

Dear Hendrik,
I understand that YAML has now been integrated into Zettlr, and it is rendered correctly. How does it work within Zettlr, however? In fact, for the bibliography, Zettlr got its own preferences, and as far as I see, I can only use YAML only if I use the terminal/command line and run the relative Pandoc command. Am I right on it?

Also, I have seen that a .docx template for Pandoc has been mentioned as option in one of the Tweets. How can I select such template in Zettlr preferences?

Sorry, possibly I have not read enough the manual...

PS. this post has gone under Zettelkasten, it should be under General. Sorry...


  • Hey,

    what I've only added is the syntax highlighting, YAML support is still only provided by Pandoc. So what happens is that your files will be passed to pandoc, whose task it then is to parse it correctly. So I'd rather like to direct you towards the Pandoc manual for more information on how YAML frontmatters work! Although, more support for YAML within Zettlr itself will likely follow in the next years.

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