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Collected suggestions - wikilinks, history, multiwindow, references


I found your explanation of Zetttelkasten when reading up on the concept, and from there found Zettlr. It has so many wonderful features! It's really a fantastic piece of software. I've been using it for a while as my Zettelkasten, and have a few thoughts and suggestions I'd like to put forward.

  1. When autocompleting a wikilink, can you allow the option to put in the filename exactly as it is, rather than [[ID]] ID text ? Even having this as an option would be great (I believe I read somewhere that you had reasons for doing it this way). I often access my Zettelkasten in DevonThink, which requires the link name to be exactly what the filename is for the link to be clickable.
  2. If we edit the filename of a Zettel, having all wikilinks update their names to match that change would be helpful. I doubt this is simple - although I do know The Archive recently implemented such a thing.
  3. When navigating around a Zettelkasten, one can lose track of what they've viewed recently. There are many ways to handle this - some apps just have a simple back button (which would be helpful as a start). Zettlr hasn't yet implemented something for this. There is one implementation that is probably the most difficult, but is incredibly useful if it can be done. It is currently used by TiddlyWiki: there is a "stream" of all the notes opened, in the order they were opened, that you can go back and view. This allows the user to "explore" around their Zettelkasten - exactly what a Zettelkasten is supposed to allow for! For me personally, this would solve most of the issue of multiple tabs or windows - but...
  4. ...multiple tabs or windows. Those would be great for many users.
  5. Highlighting links in color is wonderful. Highlighting italics and bold in color is something I’d personally like to have an option to disable. Alternately - allow for customizing the themes in the settings, or even just providing the CSS for the themes so those who can tweak CSS, even if they can’t write it from scratch, can make changes.
  6. When clicking on an internal link as a Zettelkasten, can the behavior be tweaked to show the clicked item separately in the list? - it’s very confusing to see a number of items show up in the sidebar, with the current item often not being the first one in the list.
  7. The references features are really cool, very useful when writing. But when using Zettlr as a Zettelkasten, there are a few tweaks that would make it much more useful. The point of using plain text to store notes is to make them future-proof and platform-agnostic; I store sources in plain-text, but would love a way to take advantage of the work on citations you’ve put in. An ideal system would have a sources section that is updated when editing; a secondary option would be to have a button to paste all currently cited references to the bottom of a note - similar to what is done on export, but allowing it to be done on-demand in the body of a note.
  8. When making a new note, allow an option to have the ID unselected and just have the cursor placed right after it - that would allow adding names to the ID and having both of those as the title.

I can't stress enough how cool this software is, particularly as I believe you are the only one coding. I'd love to hear back on whether these features are feasible!

Best of luck in all your work!


  • Hey, thanks for the long list of suggestions!

    1. This is already in progress (well, not in progress, but anything with an issue on GitHub is part of the ToDo list :D) https://github.com/Zettlr/Zettlr/issues/391
    2. One might do this with a pattern search on all text files. It's possible, but, yes, difficult. I'd like to tackle that after I rewrote the file system abstraction layer to not further complicate things beforehand :)
    3. Yeah, the back button also has an issue somewhere (or multiple?) It's not difficult to implement, so it should be coming in a few weeks hopefully!
    4. Yes. Simply yes. But, also depending on the implementation of the new file system :S
    5. There's already CustomCSS for that! The custom CSS necessary for your specified use-case? See below!
    6. This is due to the fact that Zettlr internally starts a search for the file's ID/name to show you all the notes that also reference the one you just clicked and put all of them in context.
    7. This is something I'm also facing with my own Zettelkasten approach, and I will be implementing a "render in place"-context menu option that allows you to render the full bibliographic entry of a citation in place of only the citation key.
    8. Yeah and no -- I mean the problem is that this means that Zettlr would have to guess what the "static" part of your filename is that you don't want to alter and where to put the cursor :S There might be a way but right off the top of my head I can't think of a good heuristic to choose that!
    /* Resets the color of bold and italics to the editor's default */
    #editor .CodeMirror .cm-strong, #editor .CodeMirror .cm-emphasis {
      color: inherit;
  • Thanks for your replies!

    RE the custom CSS - just pasting that in (it's the only CSS I have there) does not seem to change italics and bold to be in regular black color. Am I missing something?

  • I missed something, it's not .cm-emphasis but just .cm-em -- but then it'll work. I just tested it out on all themes!

    Custom CSS

    (Look at the bold and italics right above the dialog window)

  • That works perfectly.

    Thank you so much!

  • This solution worked for my needs to have #tags a separate color from bold or italics. Thanks.

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