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Theme & UX Considerations

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Dear all,

as suggested in the discussion over on the General board (https://forum.zettlr.com/discussion/9/1-3-0-beta-release), I would like you to give feedback on several things concerning the User Experience of Zettlr so that some colour inconsistencies, bad theming, and other minor nuisances can be solved prior to Zettlr 1.3, and I thought that this thread would be a good place to start!

So here's what I think could use some feedback on (if you spot something else, please also mention it!):

I: The font choices for the Bielefeld theme

The Bielefeld theme is meant as a monospace theme for people wanting the clean source-code view of Markdown. I myself tend to use it rather often currently as I realised how helpful having monospaced font in Markdown documents can be. Still, I was a little bit rash and set the complete theme to use Liberation Mono, not just the editor (as it is in the Frankfurt theme, where only the editor is set to use the serif Crimson font). Initially I thought it would be a great idea, but I'm not convinced anymore. So the question would be, should we do something like the following?

As you can see I used Custom CSS to replace the monospaced font everywhere except the editor with sans-serif, and i think it may look better.

II: The Popup Design

As @samarul noticed, I redesigned the popups. It was an attempt to make the popups more modern and more like the ones we know from, for instance, notable and other clear and simple apps (even this forum uses a style that uses very few lines and colours, therefore keeping it clean). Yet, the grey, and I fully support @samaruls thoughts, could definitely be improved. So if anybody has some ideas on colouring etc, please also suggest it here. Screenshots to show your results while experimenting using Custom CSS are also welcome!

III: Other inconsistencies

A last think that might become important is that there are very likely still some colour and design inconsistencies. So please have a scrutinising look at all parts of the user interface and report anything you think looks odd!

Thank you all :)


  • Hi there, I am new to your software and very impressed. It is just what I gave been looking for. I dont know anything about LaTeX or Pandoc etc... I need would like to upload a Custom TeX-template. How do I do this? I have the template that I would like to use from here https://tekeye.uk/free_resources/thesis-template-in-latex-for-cu-phd how do I use it? I would really appreciate your help. Thank you for such an amazing tool. 😀

  • Font choice: Monospace looks good for the sidebar, but for the editor I'd prefer a normal sans-serif. In your screenshot the text seems to be monospace, but the title is not.

    Inconsistencies: I was confused by the tag squares/bubbles in the sidebar:

    • They look different depending on whether there is a single tag in a file (circle) or multiple (square)
    • The square does not have a white border, whereas the circles do.
    • The circles look like the pomodoro-timer symbol. Changing them to a tag-symbol or keeping them as (smaller) squares might help.
    • (It is also slightly annoying that the circle jumps away from the mouse-pointer if there is only a single tag. I'd prefer one tag staying in place with only additional tags morphing out when hovered.)

  • Ouh tha tags … yeah, a long story, this implementation … I may have an idea of how to solve that but it's a lot more than just CSS :S

    But tags design: On my list ✔️

  • Uff, this would involve a lot of LaTeX knowledge that I myself don't possess :S Besides, I'd advise you open up an issue in a LaTeX community board, because they can help a lot more with that than we can over here!

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