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Support for Online Folder

Hey everybody,

I've discovered the project quite recently and I am really happy about it. One thing that annoy me just a little bit is you cannot directly use an online folder (Google Drive, Dropbox) to open and store your files.

I was thinking about developing it and make a pull request on the github, but before doing anything, I wanted to know people opinion about it, do you feel like it's a good and needed features?

Thank you in advance,



  • Why can't you? I currently do (one Dropbox and one Tresorit folder)

  • I was more thinking about an integrated support, like it connect directly to your account to retrieve data. But you're right it might not be needed.

    Thanks for you comment! :)

  • Adding support may add a lot of complexity and a feature which is central to me in Zettlr is to have standard txt files.

    Is there something you believe would be better if cloud support was integrated in Zettlr?

  • Hah, interestingly, because just this morning at work I was facing the same problem that due to the limited setup rights I always need to copy over files from my cloud into Zettlr to work with them, which again prompted in me the need for this. But due to the fact that the whole folder loading mechanism is creeping slow I need to refactor this beforehand. But until then, as others here have commented: As long as its your computer, it's always best and recommended to include cloud-synchronised folder by opening them using Zettlr.

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