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Speed up note creation


I'm just starting with the Zettelkasten method, and have settled on Zettlr as my tool. So first off: thank you for making this amazing program and for sharing it for free. I am excited and very grateful. Thanks!!

This forum doesn't seem to be active yet, but I hope this is still the right place for this kind of discussion. If not let me know and I'll happily move to some other place.

Now to the thing that currently bothers me the most: creating notes is a bit too tedious. There are a few minor steps I always go through, and being able to automate them would make the process and overall experience much smoother:

  1. Use the shortcut to create a new note. This works great!
  2. Click on the editor pane
  3. Hit the Ctrl-L shortcut to create an ID
  4. Add a title to the note that is the same as the Filename

So I'd suggest making the editor autofocus after creating a new note, and adding support for templates that can automatically take care of 3. and 4. for me. Ideally I could just create several templates and bind them to different shortcuts. An example of such a template might look like this:

# {{filename}}
ID: {{new_id}} 
Date: {{date}}
Tags: #zettel


## References

I am not a JS expert, but it seems like handlebars would make for great template engines. The only thing that I might want which I cannot directly see how to do, is the ability to place the cursor.

This proposal is related to #175 but differs in the sense that I do not want a separate window for creating the note. The idea for configuring filename templates and default folder placement is great, but having to go through another dialogue would partially defeat the purpose for me. I much prefer having just a single shortcut that queries the title/filename and on hitting enter I am immediately left in a note that I can edit. A compromise might be to turn the filename query into a small dialogue with additional options, but in that case I would really like to be able to just type the filename and hit enter without bothering about the rest.


  • Welcome to the forum, you found it even though I wasn't sure whether or not make it public!

    So thank you for this post, you just commenced this forum :)

    (How did you find it, btw …? 👀)

    Concerning your question/idea: I totally see your point, and I'm already on it. I added the respective feature request to the version 1.4 milestone: https://github.com/Zettlr/Zettlr/issues/90. These snippets will also have the ability for cursor positions, so that you can simply tab yourself through the snippet until you're done!

    And nice idea concerning handlebars … all of Zettlr is built upon Handlebars templates! :)

    And issue #175 is something different, something for quick notes, not the ability to have templates.


  • That's, great! Let me know if I can help with anything.

    (I found the forum through issue #167 :) )

  • The snippets is most easily implemented by me, as it will involve building a new dialog, a new database, and some CodeMirror hacking, for which I already know what to do!

    But what you could actually help with, would be looking through the docs, see that they're accurate, propose changes where necessary, and perform extensive bug chasing (and, if you find one, please feel free solving it, if you get an idea :) )

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