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ignore .git dir in the search results

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Hi everybody!

It's my first post on this forum, so I would like to thank @hendrik for this great piece of software!

I have a question regarding the search results with git versionning.
I have created a directory with my notes and I use git to make version and push them to a remote server.
It appears that the search tool goes inside my .git dir and display files from the .git dir in the search results.
So I have multiple time the same filename...

Is it a normal behaviour?
I have maybe miss a setting somewhere? :confused:
But couldn't find any reference to this behaviour in the help/forum/git issues tracker.

Thank you for your help!


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    Ah, right, I think .git is not yet in the list of ignored directories (don't ask me why I forgot that :D)

    But actually, in some future version, Zettlr will not ignore, but instead embrace .git-directories for offering basic functionality (as always aimed at social scientists, so no really deep integration, but the most important stuff)

    EDIT: Just pushed a commit ignoring that directory (at least for displaying and searching)

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