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Should I use the Zettelkasten mode or notebook mode for this?

What do you think I should use for what I want to do:

I have multiple course scripts that claim to have a structure and chronological sequence, but to me they don't. I think the author is quite random and divides the same topic between multiple scripts. He interjects comments from earlier chapters, strange jokes... I can't learn facts that way.
I tried extracting the facts with index cards, but the text passages were too long.
So I want to do excerpts to learn by the excerpting itself.
Then learn the excerpted text passage.
I think this would work with Zettl, both as notebook mode as well as Zettelkasten.
Then I want to re-write a script, basically my own one.
I thought I might do this as a notebook, only Zettlr does not let me move Zettel (files) around (since they are sorted by Zettlr).
So I can't sort the Zettel in the order I'd like them to appear in my own script, which would not make separate small paragraph-sized Zettel into a new script. I'd still have to write a separate file, wouldn't I?

Since I can't sort Zettel in the order I want them to appear (by drag and drop), I thought I might try using Zettelkasten mode:
I would create the same paragraph-sized excerpts with tags, e.g. "communication".
Then, for learning, I can search for and review all Zettel tagged with "communication".
For my new script, I could search for the tag and copy-paste the content of the "communication"-Zettel into a text editor in which I create the script, in the order I want them to be.

At the moment I think idea number two is better, but I'm new to the Zettelkasten method as well as Zettlr, plus I think my project is a bit different from what Zettelkaesten are usually used for.

So what do you think?

Are my assumptions on how Zettlr works right?
Would you use Zettlr for this purpose at all?
Do you have suggestions how to set up Zettlr for what I want to achieve?
Also, I could use a more detailed documentation than the one on the Zettlr homepage.
I don't get how I'm supposed to create tags or strong links with IDs (am I supposed to remember what cards I already have that are related to that topic, after weeks, know their name, or even ID by heart, so I can add it to the new card??).

Thanks a lot!!!!


  • JmeJme
    edited April 25

    Hmm. Those are very hard questions. I don't know if you should use Zettlr for this, because from reading I get the idea you have a workflow in mind that works good for you. But then you found out this isn't possible with Zettlr.

    In that case I would suggest looking for other software that fits your workflow better, and if you cannot find that, reconsider your workflow based on what's technologically possible.

    It also depends on your purpose for collecting information in Zettlr. Is this a hobby project or a work-based project with a deadline? In the first scenario you might want to consider trying the Zettelkasten approach and see if it fits. Because if it doesn't work for you and you need to redo some work, there's no harm in that.

    But if it's a project with a deadline that brings you income, then I'd stick with the workflow that works. (And perhaps, if you like, explore Zettelkasten in free time.)

    Sorry for not having a clear answer!

  • Thanks, Jme
    It's a bit of both...
    A correspondence course I'm doing for my job. No exact deadline date, but since I'm expected to pass, I should not spend years on it.
    However, if I find no way to cope with the course scripts, I won't be able to pass either.
    The workflow is just my desperate idea.
    So if someone has ever faced this problem (very badly structured course scripts and no books or people I can ask as alternatives), other ideas would be very welcome!!

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