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[Inspiration] One of the concrete representation of Zettelkasten.

I've already know about Zettelkasten since a year ago, and I keep thinking how can it fit into my workflow. Today, I've got a realization of one way people should set up the zettelkasten. I don't know if this have already crossed on anybody's mind, but I hope my discovery could give fresh idea for further development of Zettlr.

My discovery is this: Zettelkasten is basically a social media for notes.

Zettel is not the note we're taking, it's an abstract representation of an entity who could communicate via Zettelkasten. Each Zettel have a profile in our social media(Zettelkasten). Each Zettel could post to it's "facebook wall" and it could also comment another Zettel posts. Zettel posts is basically the note we created. We also put one restriction into how each Zettels could comment each others posts: They can't comment anything outside zettelkasten. That's the basic of my Idea. So my point is, if you need an inspiration for Zettlr's new feature, you just need to steal useful features from Facebook and Twitter.


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    The features I mentioned above is the most basic features required for this model to work, we could add more complexity by adding some features such as:

    1. Grouping multiple Zettels into one forum, anything posted inside that forum won't be shown into "public".
    2. Timeline visualization(just like facebook does)
    3. Interaction between different system of Zettelkasten(example: You could post and watch a youtube video in facebook. If we could put it in note-taking terms, it's equivalent to a feature where we could seamlessly showing note which is saved in Joplin/cherrytree/(whatever notetaking application you know) into Zettlr.
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    Hmm, interesting. I would agree if you'd consider a 'thing" as a Zettel. But since a note has no method and no event, how could it perform "actions" that would notify followers for examples ?

    In the "features" part of this Forum, I questioned the relationship or differences between a Zetterkasten and a Wiki page. I got a bit the weird feeling that Zettel was re-inventing the Wiki concept of Ward Cunningham, only worse, 20 years after the fact, and less practical.

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