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ToC- Toc

edited May 2019 in Features

In MarkDown, it is a kind feature who provide a table of content inside the exported document with only a balise : [TOC]. Like this :

and tadaaaaaam :

Very nice, isn’t it?

It’s working on Typora or Haroopad editors, but not with the magnificient Zettlr…

Too sad…


  • Related question: are you thinking about possibility to generate a cover page ?

  • When it comes to PDF-export, yes. When it comes to other formats, not really. As I stated someplace else some … Months (?) ago, I want to keep Zettlr so minimalistically that you could easily exchange Zettlr for something else, without losing any data, and this also counts for the integration into file procedures =D

  • Hi,
    Does this means that there is no possible way to display a TOC in the zettlr editor window ? Has anyone done it ?
    I mean besides the button in the top bar...

  • There is the button, that’s all.

  • Hi @Monolecte @xxXMmm and @hendrik .

    I was the one that wrote this issue:

    It’s really interesting in my opinion. Among the many small details that I missed in zettlr, the toc feature in the live editor or preview is also what I am missing.

    In the GitHub issue I argued that I wouldn’t be the only one to want customisations. I do think this comes from a general problem in perception of programmers or let’s say in computing cultures (see Seymour paperts book Mindstorms)

    Zettelkästen are a hot topic right now and so this came up on twitter couple of days ago. RoamResearch and other interesting parties were involved:

    I think this is really a issue of sovereignty. And how most programmers divide the World into programmers and well... non programmers.

    So in twitter thread a tool named gtoolkit comes up and on its site there is a very nice talk called: moldable development. It sketches how people using programs could be maximally empowered in what they are trying to to do.

    Contrast to is with the approach here seemingly chosen:

    Hendrik chooses parameters tot keep things simple.

    Can you already see contradictions and problems or that?

    How can or should a single person be responsible for such a wide range decisions?

    Sadly there is no simple solution to this problem because tackling it involves changing the culture of computers.

    But still I argue if open source (or computing in general) want to be sustainable it has to be more inclusive, more open to new ways of collaboration.

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