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Strange Broken GUI

Recently, launching zettlr am getting a broken gui / screen.
Have uninstalled / reinstalled both v1.2.3 and v1.30 a couple of times. End result is screenshot above. Anyone have any idea how to solve this? All my other apps seem fine, only zettlr.


  • Sometimes if wait for a long while, the screen gui fully loads ok. However, the gui is not usable and seems to be hung.

  • This definitely doesn't look good. It looks either as if there's an error within the rendering process, or the common problem that on some systems, the Electron caches fail during a switch of the underlying system. So two suggestions:

    1. First, please make sure to check whether or not there are errors displayed in the dev console. If you cannot activate the debug mode, set the respective setting in the config.json to "true" (it's in your user data's folder).
    2. Also, try clearing out the full user data folder (after backing up the important files, obviously: config.json, stats.json, custom.css, tags.json, targets.json and user.dic
  • But it really looks like a cache issue due to the fact that the toolbar icon font is not even loaded

  • Ok. Turns out there was a "bad" document. It was a document full of html. Perhaps the html was malformed or something.
    Anyway deleted the document and zettlr seems to load alright except for the usual pause. Hopefully this pause can be significantly reduced in the next zettlr iteration.

  • edited July 2019

    While I think I managed to reduce the loading time, I think especially with older file systems (non-SSD) it will still take a little bit of time as there's still no caching. That will need some more time as there's a lot of stuff involved :/

    But it's good to hear that the issue has been resolved -- albeit Zettlr shouldn't die simply due to a document full of HTML -- normally it should never parse that o.O

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