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edited June 2019 in General

I've put $titlepage$ into my model.tex
It looks like \title{$titlepage$}
but I can't get something appearing in the outcoming PDF
The rest (body, etc) works fine.
Any idea ?


  • First, the variables are case-sensitive, so you'll need to use $TITLEPAGE$ (cf. https://docs.zettlr.com/academic/custom-templates/#3-prepare-the-template).

    Second, the Titlepage variable already contains the necessary LaTeX commands, so using\title{$TITLEPAGE$} is a wrong argument to the \title command. The $TITLEPAGE$-variable generates a title page, it does not contain the PDF title.

    If you want to add the \title-command in your custom template, please use the approproiate variable $PDF_TITLE$: \title{$PDF_TITLE$}

  • Oooohhh ok
    It works much better with \title{$PDF_TITLE$}
    Many thanks.

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