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Cannot open existing directory in zettlr v1.7.5

I have installed the newer version of zettlr v1.7.5. I have been using the older version of zettlr and used a folder in my onedrive for storage. But when I am trying to open that folder in the new version of zettlr, it is not opening. Is there any reason for the issue? Is there a solution for it?


  • Do the logs say something about it? Otherwise, as you mention OneDrive: Is it a "regular" folder on your computer that is being synced or does OneDrive do fancy things with your folders?

  • Hi,

    Thanks, I looked at the logs (I guess, I should have done it before posting here :neutral: ). It was a problem when using the root file in the one drive folder. The drive was not synced at that time. After the sync, zettlr worked perfectly.

    Thank you for your time.

    And Zettlr rocks!!

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