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Cross-platform syncing

Zettlr looks great - thanks for producing it. A couple of queries:

1) I work between windows OS laptop and linux (debian) PC. Syncing md files is straightforward between my machines. Though would there be any other issues, such as internal links? Basically, is working across different an OS a problem?
2) Is there any kind of version control/history? If not, could you think of a method, e.g. using git? (which I'm still learning about)


  • Heya,
    concerning your questions:
    1) Absolutely not. Perfectly fine. I for instance use both macOS and Windows machines, and even my Smartphone. Just make sure to keep all links relative (internal links are completely relative as they do not include folders at all)
    2) Not built-in, but I'd recommend git. It's straightforward and will work perfectly fine with Zettlr.
    I hope I could help!

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