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Native context menus

very much appreciate your efforts on the development of this app!

I was wondering if it wouldn't be too much of a hassle to include a configuration option to bring the native context menus back that got replaced with styled ones in the new beta?




  • Unfortunately not, as there are technical impossibilities. We would not have switched out the native context menus, if that were possible.

    The technical reason for this is that, out of very good reasons, the remote-module has been deprecated in Electron 10, and we appreciate the more secure approach. The purely visual reason for this is that this way the custom main menus on Windows and Linux are styled exactly the same as the context menus.

  • Alright I see, thanks for explaining!

    Any chance you could bring back the "Inspect element" entry in dev mode though? That came in handy when looking up class names for specific elements for building custom css.

  • Any chance you could bring back the "Inspect element" entry in dev mode though?

    Absolutely! I had to ditch it because I forgot to account for a certain amount of parameters, and was too busy re-implementing and refactoring the whole context menu logic for the moment.

  • excellent :)

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