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An example .tex file?

to change the design for exported pdf documents you'll need to have a customized .tex file in my understanding (if you want to change things that are not changable via the PDF options dialog)

Is it possible to get an example .tex - template with the given design is in use? In your documentation I've found some short hints on creating a custom template - but it didn't helped me a lot as I have absolutely no clue about Latex / tex. On the other side your reveal.js example has really helped me to understand how a presentation can be done in zettlr (I know: it is probably less complex than a tex template) - therefore my hope is that an example tex-file would help me to understand what to do if I want to change things given by the standard.

Things I want to change right now of the given PDF output:
a) no justification, but ragged left alignment
b) no numbering of headings.

Thanks for any suggestions!


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