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Help!Zelttlr can't transform into word.

Hi,I try to use Zettlr first time .When I try to transform notes into word,it always shows below ,
deprecated: pandoc-citeproc filter. use --citeproc instead. error running filter pandoc-citeproc: could not find executable pandoc-citeproc
Colud anyone help me?Thanks you.


  • This is a breaking change coming from Pandoc 2.11. You need to have Pandoc 2.0 <= 2.11 installed

  • edited November 2020

    This seems to work... In the advanced settings for the PANDOC command, I replaced $citeproc$ with --citeproc. I assume $standalone$ that follows includes the bibliography reference.

  • Update to my previous post. To get citations to work with Pandoc 2.11, I also had to add --bibliography "/home/richard/Dropbox/My Library.json" right after the --citeproc directive (of course use your own citation database). I do not know if there is a Zettlr variable for the Citation database value that we set in the Zettlr settings. It would be nice to use that variable here, rather than hard coding the value. Anyway, my citations are working now with Pandoc 2.11

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