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  • Marie

    Dear Hendrik
    I asked to join the forum because I was stuck but I found the solution thanks to the documentation. I thought I would let you know.
    I have a PC running Windows 10 with an admin and a user account.
    I first installed Zettlr on the admin account, but this failed: Zettlr could not open any folder. I found a similar problem on the web and reinstalled on my user account only, and this time it worked.
    Then I tried to open "my documents" which has a huge arborescence and it failed. Again, Google helped me understand that this cannot be done.
    I created a Zettlr folder, and tried to open it but iI could not open any folder. I uninstalled Zettlr, tried again, no way to open a folder, nor to create a file.
    Then, following the documentation, I uninstalled Zettlr, deleted the Zettlr folder in user/appdata/roaming, and installed again. And now it works !
    Thanks for all the work you put to it, I wonder how you manage in carrying out your research!

    October 16
    • hendrik
      Thanks! That's good to hear!

      You are right, I still need to envisage some "First Start Guide" so that people using the app really understand that you shouldn't completely treat Zettlr as an additional file manager (although many features are supported) but use a dedicated directory for Zettlr use only! Sorry that you had such a rough start but I hope you can manage to get started now! :)

      If you'd like, please feel free to open this precise thing also as a regular forum thread here (plus the problem solution, which essentially boils down to only removing the config.json-file within that very folder — irrespective of the operating system btw) so that other people may have an easier path to resolving that issue :)

      And concerning research … well, I don't sleep much and work a lot, it's manageable :D